University College of Southeast Norway

This partnership commenced in 2017 with signing of an MoU for joint research, student and staff exchange and to conduct a five year project on Human Rights and Reconciliation in a Post-conflict Multicultural Society from the Norwegian Partnership for Global Academic Cooperation (NORPART). The benefits of the Project for the PGIHS and the University will include  opportunities for  the teaching staff  and students through an exchange  programme, funds to introduce  a masters’ degree programme in Human Rights and joint  research, publication and outreach activities.

Since coming into operation the Project has provided opportunities for the PGIHS studentsand junior staff to spend a semester at USN and 3 USN students to spend a similar period at the PGIHS.Staff exchange will commence this year and under it Senior Staff of PGIHS and USN will spend short periods at each other’s institutes teaching graduate students and holding seminars.