Application for Examination

Postgraduate students who are eligible to sit for an examination should apply for the examination. Each application for entry to a postgraduate examination must be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the Institute and should reach the Institute on or before the closing date of application. Students who are repeating examinations should annex the payment slip of the relevant repeat examination fee/s with the application for examination. Applications of a students who arenot eligible to sit an examination, late applications or incomplete applications will be rejected and such decision will be informed to the student before the commencement of the examination.

Examination Entry Form(PGIHS/STU/Form 004)

Admission Card and Examination Timetable

Students whose entry forms have been accepted will be sent an admission card and a copy of the timetable for the relevant examination fourteen (14) days before the commencement of such examination. Candidates who have not received the above documents by the seventh (7th) day before the commencement of the examinations that they have applied for should immediately inform the matter to the Assistant Registrar of the Institute.

Withdrawal from Examinations

A student who wishes to withdraw from an examination after the receipt of the admission card for examination should send a request to withdraw from the examination to the Assistant Registrar of the Institute annexing the Admission Card in order to reach him/her at least three (3) working days before the date of commencement of the examination. The absence to the examination without informing the Institute in advance is counted as an examination attempt.

Medium of Examination

Students are entitled to be examined in the medium in which they have registered for the study programme. If a student has written answers to questions in a language other than in which he/she has registered or in multiple languages, the answer scripts will not be marked and student will receive a fail grade for such paper/subject.