Guided Project

A student following a masters’ degree programme by coursework is required to complete a Guided Project and obtain a minimum of C grade (GP 2.00) to successfully complete the degree. The Guided Project shall be assigned a minimum of 05 credits.

The Guided Project may be done on a topic in an identified aspect/problem/ issue in the field of study by a group of students.  The aim of the guided project is to develop and assess theoretical knowledge, analytical thinking, writing skills, creativity, communication and presentation skills and group work skills of students.

The project will be undertaken by students as a group work where a group consists of two or three students. The contribution of each member of the group to the outcome of the project may be a minimum of 25% of the work done and clearly identified in the work allocation given in the concept paper. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to undertake the project individually with the approval of the Board of Study. 

Guidelines for Guided Project

Concept Paper

With the approval of the Coordinator of the relevant postgraduate programme, a group is required to submit a Concept Paper of the project which includes title, objectives, nature of the final outcome and allocation of work among group members of the project. The concept paper will be evaluated by panel appointed by the institute and it will be allocated a 10% of marks. Marks given for the concept paper will be common for all members in a group.

Final Outcome of the Project

The outcome of the project may be a report, literature survey, policy framework, an impact assessment, an artistic work or any other similar form. If the final outcome of the project is a written document it should be in the range of 4000- 5000 words. If the final outcome of the project is an artistic work or any other form, its content should be approved by the relevant Board of Study. The final outcome of the project will be assessed by two evaluators and will be allocated 40% of marks. Marks given for the final outcome will be common for all members in a group.

Oral Presentation

There will be an oral presentation of the project done collectively by the students of a group before a panel of evaluators. The group presentation and discussion should be 30 minutes. The oral examiners shall evaluate the performance of each student in the presentation. 50% of marks are allocated for the oral presentation. Marks will be allocated separately for each student in a group based on his/her performance at the presentation.

Minimum Marks Requirements

A group is required to obtain a minimum of 20 marks from 40 marks assigned          tothe final outcome to proceed to the oral presentation. If a group fails to obtain 20 marks for the final outcome of the project, the group is required to re-submit it by incorporating all revisions suggested. 

A student in a group is required to obtain a minimum of 25 marks for the oral presentation to pass the project. If a student/a group of students obtains marks less than 25 marks for the presentation he/she/group is required to avail for another oral presentation within a period of two-weeks from the date of the first oral presentation.

Grading of Guided Project

The final grade of a student for the project is determined by total marks    obtained. The grading will be done on the following scheme:

Marks Obtained 


Grade Point

85 or above





















Below 50



If a student/a group of students obtains a Grade F for the project, he/she/the group should repeat the evaluation process as recommended by the Institute. The maximum number of attempts in any components of the project shall be two. The title of the Guided Project, number of credits allocated, grade obtained and grade points will be listed in the academic transcript of students.