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Masters' Degree Programmes

The Master of Arts (MA) degree by coursework provides theoretical knowledge and analytical skills of subject matters and skills required to deal with practical issues and problems in the relevant field. A student will generally be awarded the MA degree (by coursework) on successful completion of thirty (30) credits from courses and a guided project. The degree satisfies requirements for confirmation and promotion of employees of government and non-government sectors and admission to higher studies in the relevant field. This degree is recognized at Level 9 of the SLQF.

The Master of Arts degree by coursework and research is a two year degree programme which is placed at the SLQF Level 10. It provides opportunities for students to obtain a comprehensive knowledge in the relevant area of study, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, research abilities and soft skills by following coursework requirements and undertaking research under the guidance of a supervisor. The students follow 600 level courses of the discipline in the first year of registration and complete a thesis in the second year. It prepares students to undertake advanced research projects under the Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes.