Master of Arts in Applied Economics

Master of Arts in Applied Economics

The Master of Arts in Applied Economicsoffered by the Instituteaddresses a current human resource need of the country. The programme offers opportunity for graduates without formal qualifications in economics, especially graduates in sciences (including medical) and engineering to obtain training and qualification at postgraduate level. The participants in this programme upon completion are expected to return to their current positions or higher ones with enhanced opportunities keeping in lines with their augmented training in applied economics.

Admission Requirements

Applicants with the following qualification may be admitted to Master of Applied Economics programme: 

  • A Bachelors’ degree; OR
  • An equivalent qualification; AND
  • Two years of work experience

Qualification Requirements

A student registered for Master of Applied Economics degree programme at the PGIHS will be awarded the Degree of Master of Applied Economics upon successful completion of 30 credits (25 credits from courses of the programme and 5 credits from a guided project).