Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma in other disciplines

The Institute offers Postgraduate Diploma programme in all other disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Disciplines of Study

Students can enroll to follow a Postgraduate Diploma at the PGIHS in the following disciplines:

Geography, Sociology, Archaeology, History, Political Science, Sinhala, Tamil, English, Economics, Accounting & Finance, Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Buddhist Studies, Pali, Sanskrit, Greek and Roman Studies, Fine Arts, Hindu Civilization and Islamic Studies

Admission Requirements

Applicants with the following qualification may be admitted to Postgraduate Diploma programme: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree, OR
  • An equivalent qualification

Qualification Requirements

Postgraduate Diploma in a given discipline is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 25 credits from course work recommended by the relevant Board of Study of the Institute.