Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) Programmes

The Postgraduate Diploma programme of the Institute is designed to provide foundation knowledge in a given area of study where a candidate wishes to switch disciplines, or a candidate does not possess sufficient footing in the discipline at the bachelor’s level or equivalent qualifications. The PGDip programme which is offered mainly as a conversion programme is placed at Level 8 of the SLQFand broadens knowledge in the discipline and opens a pathway for those candidates in their career progression and higher learning in the field.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme is designed to provide graduate teachers with necessary knowledgeand professional skills to be competent teachers in primary and secondary schools. The programe intends to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of education and develop application of knowledge and skills, generic skills for education such as ICT and communication skills, etc. and develop class room teaching related skills which include planning, instruction and designing learning experiences, creating and maintaining effective environment for student learning, managing the classroom, managing student behavior, organizing classroom space, assessing student learning and providing feedback, skills necessary to be a reflective practitioner, identifying learning difficulties and remediation, effective instructional skills, etc. and equipped with professional behavior and ethics.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education is offered in two options:

Option 1- For graduate teachers in government schools. Candidates are selected by the Ministry of Education through a selection test. The programme is conducted in week days on full-time basis. Teachers will be provided with one year paid leave to complete the diploma.

Option 2 - Open for any one satisfying eligibility criteria. The programme is conducted in week-ends on part-time basis.

Applicants with the following qualification may be admitted to Postgraduate Diploma programme: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree, OR
  • An equivalent qualification, and
  • At least one year of work experience as a teacher in a government school, any other statutory educational institution or recognized public/private educational institute

Postgraduate Diploma in Education will be awarded for registered students upon successful completion of 30 credits from taught courses and teaching and research practicums.

Postgraduate Diploma in Physical Education

This diploma programme provides graduates employed in the area of physical education and related activities in public and private institutions with theoretical knowledge and hands on skills in Physical Education and training.

  • A Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification; AND
At least one year of experience as a physical training instructor in a school/tertiary education institute/ Ministry of Sports

Students are required to earn 25 credits, by participating in taught courses and practicum in order to be eligible for the Postgraduate Diploma in Physical Education.

Postgraduate Diploma in other disciplines

The Institute offers Postgraduate Diploma programme in all other disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students can enrol to follow a Postgraduate Diploma at the PGIHS in the following disciplines: 
Geography, Sociology, Archaeology, History, Political Science, Sinhala, Tamil, English, Economics, Accounting, Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Buddhist Studies, Pali, Sanskrit, Greek and Roman Studies, Fine Arts, Hindu Civilization and Islamic Civilization

Applicants with the following qualification may be admitted to Postgraduate Diploma programme: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree, OR
  • An equivalent qualification

Postgraduate Diploma in a given discipline is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 25 credits from course work recommended by the relevant Board of Study of the Institute.