Master of Philosophy Degree Programmes(MPhil)

Master of Philosophy Degree (MPhil)

The Master of Philosophy is a two year full-time research degree programme which allows a studentto specialize in an area of study or discipline by conducting an in-depth research. However, students may be asked by the relevant Board of Study to follow recommended courses in their first year of registrationon a non-credit basis. The coursework may facilitate the research work of the student to expand his/her knowledge on fundamentaltheories, research methodology, analytical tools and techniques. This degree is placed at SLQF Level 11 and is a requirement for promotion of service in academic fields and for admission to doctoral studies.

Disciplines of Study

Master of Philosophy degree is offered by the PGIHS of the University of Peradeniya in the following disciplines and specializations: 
Geography, Sociology, Archaeology, History, Political Science, Sinhala, Tamil, English, Arabic, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Buddhist Studies, Pali, Sanskrit, Greek and Roman Studies, Fine Arts, Hindu Civilization,  Islamic Civilization or any interdisciplinary area of study such as Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, Language Studies, Social Work, Public Administration, International Relations, etc.

Admission Requirements

Applicants with the following qualification may be admitted to Master of Philosophy degree programme: 

  • A Master’s degree in the relevant subject area or filed of specialization;
  • OR
  • A Bachelor’s’ Degree (Special)  with First/ Second Class (Upper Division) pass in the relevant subject area;
  • OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the relevant Board of Study of the Institute.

Qualification Requirements

A student registered for MPhil degree programme at the PGIHS will be awarded the Degree of Master of Philosophy in the discipline registered for upon successful completion of

  • courses as prescribed by the relevant Board of Study,
  • a thesis of 40,000-50,000 words, and
  • aviva-voce examination of the thesis.