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Board of Study for Social Sciences

The Board of Study for Social Sciences offers postgraduate study programmes and other training programmes in Geography, Sociology, Political Science, History, Archaeology, International Relations and Law. About 200 students follow postgraduate diploma, masters and doctoral degree programmes under this Board of Study annually.


Professor S.J.S. de Mel


Chairperson of the Board of Study

Professor. A. Sarjoon
Department of Political Science   
Faculty of Arts
University of Peradeniya


Secretary to the Board of Study

Professor N.A. Wimalasena
Department of History  
Faculty of Arts
University of Peradeniya


Board Members

Prof. K.W.G.R. Nianthi

Head, Department of Geography  

Dr. K. Thoradeniya

Head, Department of Sociology 

Professor G.D.R.U. Abeyrathne

Head, Department of Political Science

Dr. K.M.R. Dasanayaka

Head, Department of History

Professor J.M.A. Jayawickrama

Head, Department of Archaeology

Professor Deepika Udagama

Head, Department of Law 

Prof. C.M. Madduma Bandara

Appointed Member  

Dr. S.V.D.G. Samaranayake

Appointed Member  

Dr. K. Senaratne

Appointed Member

Professor R.M.D.B. Herath

Appointed Member

Dr. A.S.T. Rajapakshe

Programme Coordnator/Archaeology

Professor T.W.M.T.W. Bandara

Programme Coordinator/Geography/Environment Mgt

Dr. S. Baskaran

Programme Coordinator/Political Science/IR

Dr. A.K.J.S. Kumara

Programme Coordinator/Human Rights

Dr. S.M. Dharmarathne

Programme Coordinator/History

Dr. H.M.K.S. Wanninayake

Programme Coordinator/Sociology

Dr. S. Gamlath

Programme Coordinator/Social Work

Dr. R. Ramesh

Programme Coordinator/Community Development