Course Requirements

Master of Development Practice – (MDP) (Two Years) (2014 Revised Curriculum)

    1. Candidates must complete 61 credits; all preliminary courses (worth 11 credits), 12 core courses (36 credits), 4 optional courses (12 credits) and an internship worth 2 credits.

    2. Students must satisfactorily complete an internship of three (3) months in a public, private, or non-governmental organization, where they are involved in activity relating to development work in practice.

    3. To complete the Master of Development Practice, students must obtain a minimum 50% of total assessment (equivalent to a Grade Point of 2.3) in all courses including preliminary courses.

    4.  MDP is a two (2) year course. The maximum duration to complete the degree is four (4) years.

Course credit requirements applying to 2011, 2012 and 2013 intakes are the following: Total 68 credits: All preliminary courses (8 credits), 18 core courses (51 credits) and 3 optional courses (9 credits).

Postgraduate Diploma in Development Practice – (DDP) (One Year)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Development Practice (DDP) is an exit option. Candidates who have registered for the Master of Development Practice and who do not wish to complete the MDP are eligible to receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Practice on successful completion of 20 credits from 500 level courses.


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