Programme Overview

The curriculum of Master of Development Practice (MDP) at Peradeniya is designed to help students acquire the interdisciplinary knowledge, practical skills and integrated perspective needed to meet complex development challenges.

Pre-MDP Intensive CourseStudents follow a required orientation programme of  refresher/introductory courses preceding the MDP.

Core coursesStudents follow three semesters of core (compulsory) courses over 2 academic years.

Optional CoursesStudents choose elective (optional) courses in the final semester of their programme. These optional courses correspond to student specializations and include Coastal Zone Management, Climate Change in South Asia, Disaster Management as well as other subjects. Student specializations will depend on their past training and experience and future career goals.

Language CoursesStudents also follow an introductory course in a local language in which they have little or no fluency.

Global classroom in Integrated Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentStudents, scholars and practitioners from over 15 countries participate in this cross-border, cross-disciplinary, interactive web-based course offered by Columbia University, New York, to all MDP programmes across the global network. MDP Peradeniya’s offering of this course is enriched by local discussions by area experts.

InternshipsAfter completing a full academic year, students follow a 3-month internship at a public, private or non-governmental organization for the opportunity to gain hands-on real world experience in development practice. Internships corresponding to students’ interest, training and experience will be arranged at development practice agencies and organizations in Sri Lanka or overseas.

*Table refers to the new curriculum starting in May 2016.


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