Research Projects

In addition to research conducted by the research students of the Institute, the PGIHS promotes the conduct of research projects by local and foreign researchers under the administration of the Institute and research projects commissioned by various local and foreign institutes.
There are two research projects supported by external donors.

Indo Sri Lanka Foundation supported action research project on  Social    Networks and Social Capital Building: Social Media based Strategy to     Empower Estate Youth in Search of Employment
Research facilitation entitled Realizing Human Rights for a post-conflict Sri Lankan multicultural society under the NORPART project will commence work this year. It will facilitate field work of USN students who will be doing their thesis on issues connected with post-conflict Sri Lanka. Research work will be on the following three themes.

  • Education for human rights, justice and peace,
  • Vulnerability, Support systems and Access to resources,
  • Shaping culture: the effect of international human rights agencies on local cultures.