General Student Society of the PGIHS (GSS)

General Student Society of the PGIHS (GSS)

The General Student Society (GSS) is a body representing students of the PGIHS. All registered students of postgraduate programmes conducted by the PGIHS are eligible for membership of the GSS.  The GSS shall promote interests, rights, and needs of member students, undertake and organize events and activities facilitating interactions and harmony among students and staff, enhance learning and research opportunities and extend assistance to existing programmes and future development work of the Institute.

Office Bearers of a Student Society

Office bearers the Student Society of the PGIHS:


Vice President


Assistant Secretary

Junior Treasurer.

President                                          Naveen Gunararthne

Vice President                                   Thusarindu Vidanagamage   

Vice President                                   Abhinav Goswami

Secretary                                         Yamuna Lenaduwa

Assistant Secretary                           Prabath          

Junior Treasurer                               Janaka Pallewela       

Committee member                          Thanakumar  

Committee member                          Rusna 

Committee member                          Chandana      

Committee member                          Sumedha Viraj           

Committee member                          Sung-Jin Kim  

Committee member                          Srimalee         

Committee member                          Janaka Ritigahapola  

Committee member                          Muditha Sumanasinghe       

Committee member                          Darshana Ashoka Kumara    

Committee member                          Madhushani Chandrasekara            

Membership Fee

A postgraduate student of the Institute shall pay a one-time student society membership

fee of Rs. 2000/- to the credit of the account of the Institute at registration.

Students who register for postgraduate programmes of the Institute from 2018/2019

academic year are required to pay the student society membership fee at the enrollment

as a part of the academic fee.

Students who registered before 2018/2019 academic year are required to pay the student society membership fee within a stipulated duration advised by the Institute.


The GSS organizes annual events with the participation of students of all   postgraduate programmes of the Institute. The GSS also participates actively in organizing events of the Institute such the Annual Research Congress, Inauguration Ceremony of academic programmes, etc.

Annual General Meeting

The first AGM of the GSS to elect the Office Bearers and the Executive Committee for the year 2018/2019 was held on Sunday 28 of October.