Food and Lodging

Students have easy access to traditional Sri Lankan foods including Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim dishes. Further, Western, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai food varieties are also available in Kandy city and at Peradeniya, a small city from walking distance from the University. The cost of food is relatively low, about Rs 1000 (USD 6) per day if eaten outside and about Rs 600 (USD 4) if cooked yourself.

At present, the PGIHS does not have its own facilities and resources to provide in-campus accommodation for its students, especially for its foreign students. As the University mainly provides accommodation facilities for undergraduate students, finding in-campus accommodation is still a problem though the institute is making long-term planning to resolve the issue. However, students may find decent places in and around Kandy closer to the University in private houses and apartments. Students may find such single room accommodation at a rate of Rs 10,000-15,000 (USD 75-95) per month.