Visa Information

Foreign students should obtain Student Visa to study in Sri Lanka. Initially Foreign Students are provided with an Entry Visa for 3 months (or as approved) and once they enroll with the degree programme the Entry Visa will be converted to Student Visa.

Visa Process

Upon the selection of a foreign student to follow a degree program, the PGIHS issues a letter to the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DIE), Colombo requesting them to issue an Entry Visa for the Candidate. Selected candidates are required to submit the Office of the PGIHS, through email, a scanned copy of his/her passport (relevant pages containing identity information including photograph and period of validity) and two recent passport size photographs after he/she receives the Offer Letter.

The candidate are required to pay/credit Entry Visa Fee to the credit of the PGIHS Bank Account/ alternatively arrange a representative in Sri Lanka to pay the Entry Visa Fee. The letter of request of the student can be handed over to DIE through the Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) by the designated officer of the PGIHS / a representative of foreign student residing in Sri Lanka.

Once approved, the DIE will fax the Entry Visa to the Sri Lankan Embassy Office of the relevant country.   Once enrolled with the degree programme at the PGIHS, the student may convert Entry Visa into Student Visa. Please contact Assistant Registrar of the PGIHS for information